What We Do

Creating a Shared Language

Efforts to improve excellence in mathematics and science and improve quality teaching involve many partners in the professional community, government and academia, and must be based on a clear understanding and consensus about the nature and meaning of clinical teaching.

If the foundation is to succeed in its mission, there must be effective coordination between those participating in this work, based on a mutual understanding of the activity and its components. It is therefore essential to ensure that professionals use accurate language which relies on a foundation of knowledge drawn from both practice and research. Therefore, there is a need to document and evaluate their activity, in order to allow for learning of what “works” and what is less successful, in order to enable others to learn and enjoy the fruits of what foundations and their partners have learned and experienced.

We assume that as the relevant information is processed and presented in an appropriate way for each of the target audiences, it will deepen understanding and increase the use of the knowledge, and the more this process is undertaken in a transparent, open and collaborative fashion, it will create a greater  sense of solidarity and ownership among the foundation’s partners.


Manual for Data-Driven Management of the Mathematics Excellence Programs in Municipalities
Nova Project
Series of Studies and Data Collection on Science and Mathematics Education in Middle Schools in Preparation towards the Foundation's Advisory Council Meeting in November 2018
Trump Foundation
Study to Examine the Readiness of the Higher Education System to Absorb an Increased Number of Students in Science and Engineering Departments
The Israel Democracy Institute
Physics Studies in Israeli High Schools – 2016 Update
The Szold Institute
'High Quality Teaching' - Series of Books and Articles Translated to Hebrew
Branco Weiss Institute
International Education Conference: "From Regulation to Trust"
The Van Leer Institute
Survey on the Public Perception of Teachers and the Teaching Profession in Israeli Society
Trump Foundation
National Index of Advanced-level Scientific Matriculation
Trump Foundation
Factors Affecting High School Students' Selection of Advanced Mathematics and Physics Matriculation Majors
Trump Foundation
Study and Conference on the Prospects in Higher Education and Employment of High School Graduates of the Advanced Learning Track in Mathematics
The Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel
Conference on Education in Israel: Between Two Opposing Pedagogical Perspectives
Tel Aviv University
International Conference on Mathematics Education
Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Survey on Physics Teaching and Learning in Israel
The Szold Institute
Translation to Hebrew and Publication of Books and Articles Designed to Improve Teaching
Branco Weiss Institute
The Professional Profile of Advanced Level Mathematics High School Teachers
Trump Foundation
The Professional Viewpoint of Excellent Teachers of Mathematics and the Sciences – Qualitative Survey
Davidson Insititute of Science Education
Analysis and Report on Mathematics and Physics Matriculation by Experienced Teachers
Trump Foundation
Making the Mathematics and Science PISA Database Accessible to the Hebrew Speaking Public
University of Haifa