What We Do

Nurturing Clinical Teaching Expertise

Students who choose to learn in a five-unit track in high school face a tall hurdle.  Since these are fields which demand both knowledge and skills, a gap that develops at the beginning is liable to widen and deepen, leading many students, including a high proportion of female students, to drop out of the excellence track.
In this situation, the teaching method plays a particularly important role. They say they need to find a balance between the desire to push the class toward in-depth study and thinking, without compromising the level and pace, and the need to provide an individual response for each struggling student in real time. These teachers say they lack the pedagogic tools to support teaching that is adapted to the pace, style, abilities and difficulties of each student in the classroom.
In light of this, the Trump Foundation is helping to promote a teaching expertise that focuses on the student’s thinking and learning. Our aspiration is to enable teachers to set personalized goals and milestones with each student, and to adapt their teaching while tracking progress and providing feedback. The foundation works to help teachers observe their students’ learning, examine their own teaching performance, learn from practice, acquire professional knowledge and jointly advance their professional development.