The Trump Master Teacher Award

The Trump Master Teacher Award

In Israel, there are wonderful teachers tirelessly doing their jobs, teachers who believe in their students’ abilities and encourage them to maximize their potential. The talent, knowledge, and experience of these excellent teachers are the foundation for any attempt to improve the overall quality of Israeli education. Israel needs these role models to map out a direction and a method, and for that to happen the public must be familiar with their art and better understand what constitutes effective teaching, so that the public’s trust in its teachers will grow.

Since 2012, the Trump Foundation has awarded a NIS 100,000 prize for excellence in teaching to math and science teachers who exemplify excellent teaching in their own careers. The winners are selected by a committee comprised of skilled teachers, experts in teacher training, and senior Education Ministry officials on the basis of the criteria for excellence in teaching delineated by the prize committee.

Criteria for Excellence in Teaching in Selecting Prize Winners

Below are the criteria by which the committee selects the winner of the Trump Master Teacher Award. We welcome your comments on these criteria and invite you to compare them to the criteria for excellent teaching used in other parts of the world.

1. Provides individual attention to every student
Is deeply familiar with the knowledge, capabilities, and needs of every one* of the students, believes in each student, sets ambitious goals for him/her, uses the teaching method best suited to him/her, closely monitors his/her progress, provides constructive, supportive feedback in real time, and support his/her learning.

2. Supports active learning in his/her classroom
Creates an educational environment in his/her classroom that allows questions, mistakes, opinions, and stances in writing and in oral debates, challenges students to tackle complex problems, constructs classroom debates based on students’ own assertions, and encourages them to respond to their peers’ stances.

3. Is an active participant in a professional teacher community
Is a leading participant in a professional community that constantly strives to improve teaching and learning, coordinates his/her work with his/her teaching colleagues, shares his/her work, learns with them and from their shared work, mentors teachers, and provides them with practical pedagogical skills.

4. Helps his/her school run a learning support system
Helps the school’s teaching faculty and administration to formulate a concept of cooperative learning, shape routines to monitor learning progress, construct a support system for students in need, activate a teacher community focused on the students’ learning, share information with parents transparently and constructively, and create a climate of learning that enhances the quality of the teaching and learning.

5. Is an expert in teaching his/her discipline
Possesses clear, consistent knowledge of the discipline and the curriculum; demonstrates in-depth understanding of how students learn the discipline, their typical difficulties, and current theories on learning; is intimately familiar with the learning of each of his/her students, including their prior knowledge, learning styles, and rate of learning; and is skilled in assessment methods to diagnose and monitor student progress and in varied teaching methods adapted to the learning styles of every student.

The Jerusalem Post article about the 2015 award ceremony:
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