Our Team

Lena Raved, PhD

Program Officer Equal Access Programs

Lena holds a PhD in science education from the Weizmann Institute of Science. Her researches focuses on a system of thinking models and their implementation in classroom instruction practices and students attitudes towards science learning. Previously, she was a biology teacher and teacher instructor at the Weizmann Institute of Science, she has authored a biology text book for junior high school, and has managed pedagogical-scientific programs in the Nitzana educational community in the Negev.

Eli Hurvitz

Executive Director

Eli Hurvitz has been at the forefront of philanthropy and social entrepreneurship in Israel for the last decade. He was among the founders of “Avney Rosha”, the Israel Institute for School Leadership, and of the “Nachshon” project, which provides online tutoring for high school students nation-wide. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of “Hemda”, a science teaching center in Tel-Aviv, and of “Hakol Hinuch”, a public movement which strives to strengthen public education in Israel. Hurvitz coordinated “the Committee for Changing the Status of the National Library”, chaired by Supreme Court Judge, Prof. Yitzhak Zamir, and was among the founders of the “Guidestar” project in Israel.

From 2000 to 2011, Hurvitz served as the Deputy Director of Yad Hanadiv, the Rothschild Family Foundation, and beforehand he was the assistant to the Chairman of the Knesset’s Foreign and Defense Committee. Hurvitz holds an M.A. in Middle-Eastern history from the Tel Aviv University.

Naama Axelrod Tayer

Program Associate
Naama holds an MSc in biochemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Previously, she was co-director of a Master’s degree program for teachers at David Yellin College, and trained teachers at the Hebrew University. In addition, she was an external evaluator for education projects, and a partner in various research papers on thinking, learning and conceptual change. Naama is the founder of the Katamon Street Library in Jerusalem.

Revital Drori

Local Partnerships

Revital is responsible for developing and leading local partnerships with school networks, districts and local government in order to expand the circle of excellence in mathematics and science in Israeli high schools.
Formerly, she developed and lead Excellence Programs in Mathematics and Science at the ‘Israeli Center for Excellence through Education’, where she coached teachers and facilitated professional development groups. Revital began her career as a science teacher and taught in schools for 17 years. She holds an MA in Science teaching and a BSc in Biology from Tel Aviv University.

Jo Cohen

Grant Operations & Knowledge Director

Jo has led Grant Operations at the Trump Foundation since it was established in 2011. She develops and manages policies and procedures to ensure that grant-making operations, practices, and data effectively support and advance the strategic goals of the foundation. She is responsible for relationship management and oversees the growth of the foundation’s knowledge infrastructure.

Prior to joining the foundation, Jo worked at the Mandel Leadership Institute where she was responsible for marketing and promoting the international fellowship program, and recruiting senior Jewish educators and community leaders. Jo holds a BA in Broadcasting from the University of Leeds, an MA in Contemporary Jewry from the Hebrew University, and was a Presentense Fellow for social entrepreneurship. Since moving to Israel from the UK, Jo has gained over ten years’ experience in non-profit organizations in the education field.

Shiri Nadler

Book keeper and Office Manager

Shiri is a qualified book keeper by training. In her past, she served as an instructor and software integrator for a number of Israel and international companies. Prior to joining the foundation she was the founder, owner and chef of “Kishaleh”, a boutique catering company. Today, we all enjoy her talents and diverse skills.

Lisa Shoseyov

Finance and Administration Manager
Lisa holds an MSc in Agriculture from the Hebrew University specializing in the field of molecular genetics. Previously she was a research assistant in the Immunology Department at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Lisa is a certified bookkeeper is currently the bookkeeper of her family Vineyard.  She has held positions as an office manager and assistant to the Executive Director in a Water Technologies Company, a Seeds Company, and a Venture Capital Fund. In addition she has founded and directed an educational framework. Lisa made Aliyah to Israel from the UK in 1972.