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Choose Excellence

During middle school students have the time and opportunity to lay a solid groundwork for their future. They must wisely discern what truly interests them, where their strengths lie, what gives them a sense of achievement, and to what extent they are ready to exert themselves in order to achieve it. They must treat their studies very seriously, understanding how important they are for their future, and they must build the necessary base of knowledge and proficiency..

Therefore, the foundation and its partners call upon the middle school students to take responsibility and invest in mathematics and science studies. This is a significant period of study culminating in an important decision point when students choose their areas of specialization for high school. This is perhaps their first opportunity to choose a path in the education system. It is a choice that affects the matriculation diploma and, to a certain extent, this choice influences their future in the IDF, in higher education, and in the job market.

Choosing Excellence in Middle School Mathematics and Science Studies