Clinical Training Programs

School-based Clinical Teacher Training Programs

According to a survey performed for the Trump Foundation in 2012 by Dr. Mina Zemach of the Dachaf Institute, 8.6% (one out of twelve) individuals with relevant academic credentials answered “definitely yes” when asked if they would seriously consider changing careers to teaching mathematics and science in high school.

Considering this, the foundation, the Ministry of Education, and the academic training institutions decided to work together to offer special, exclusive career retraining programs to high performers and most appropriate candidates of those expressing interest.

In these programs, efforts were made to apply the lessons of the “career retraining for academics” that was offered to high-tech employees following the global economic crisis of 2008. Accordingly, acceptance to the new programs is based on demanding requirements, and follows a competitive selection process. The emphasis of the training programs moves from the campus to the school, based on the clinical model in which the students try their hand at teaching, with the close guidance of expert teachers. Graduates receive special assistance for placement in schools and professional support by experienced teachers.

Pedagogical guidance for mathematics teachers in the five-unit tracks in Ashdod
Teacher Residency Training Program for 35 New Five-Unit Mathematics Teachers in Collaboration with the Municipality of Be’er Sheva
Achva Academic College
Creating a Joint Venture for Career Transition from Hi-tech to Teaching - Planning Grant
Mofet Institute
Clinical Teacher Residency Training Program for 35 Physics Teachers of 5-Unit Level in Jerusalem
David Yellin college
Clinical Residency Training Program for 45 Excellent New Teachers of 5-Unit Mathematics
University of Haifa
School-Based Clinical Teacher Residency Training Program for 50 High School Physics Teachers
Beit Berl College
Training Twelve Teacher-Instructors to Use Clinical Teaching Methodology in Tutoring the 'Delta' Program Residents
Levinsky College of Education
Physics and Mathematics Track - Planning Grant
JDC - Teach First Israel