Call For Action

Professional and public activity that attracts media attention

In order to mobilize members of the virtual community for activity outside the internet, the foundation offers a series of activities. For examples – the Musrara School of Visual Arts set up an exhibit at the Jaffa flea market focusing on teachers and teaching; “Teachers on the Bar,” is a series of events in trendy bars where mathematics and science teachers give lessons to the public; the first TEDx conference in Israel on mathematics and science teaching was held at the Weizmann Institute of Science in May 2014; and a new holiday was created in Israel, following an international initiative, celebrating an annual “Teacher’s Day” in cities, schools, and youth movements throughout Israel and in the Knesset.

Media Partnership with Yediyot Aharonot to Expose Stories of Excellent Teachers of Mathematics and the Sciences in the Social Periphery of Israel
JDC - Teach First Israel
Social Media Effort to Support the Foundation's Strategy in 2016
Trump Foundation
Teachers - Photography and Video-Art Exhibition
The Naggar School of Photography, Musrara
5k Running Race and Workshops to Improve Motivation for Excellence for 40 Mathematics Teachers of 5-units and their Students
Television and Internet Campaign on Channel-2 and Mako Targeting Parents of Teenagers to Encourage them to Support their Children’s Efforts to Study Five-Unit Mathematics
Looking Afar
Mini-series on Children's Television Channel to Attract Students to Choose, Persist and Major in the Mathematics and the Science Tracks in High School
Davidson Insititute of Science Education
Conference and Public Engagement with Education Reform in Israel
H ze Hinuch
Planning and Operating Teachers' Day 2014