A National program

A national program and a coalition for promoting excellence in math and science

The Trump Foundation concentrates its expertise and resources in teachers and their instruction. This decision relies on evidence from research in Israel and globally, on the importance of teaching quality for students’ success. However, the success of teachers also depends on other elements, such as student motivation, system incentives, the professional support and infrastructure. Therefore we recognize that moving the ‘excellence needle’ is a complex target located far beyond the capability of an individual organization or a specific program.

Municipal Program in Shfaram to Increase the Percentage of 5-Unit Mathematics Graduates from 7.5% to 14% (102 students) by 2021
| Shfaram Community Center
Instructional Leadership Program for 100 School Principals Participating in the 'Mathematics First' Initiative
Center for Educational Technology
Learning Group for Eight District Coordinators of the Mathematics First Initiative
Advocacy to Improve Teacher Quality in Israel
Hakol Hinuch
Development of a Social Impact Bond to Increase the Number of Students Matriculating with Mathematics and Physics Majors
Social Finance Israel
Mentoring Program for Seventy-Two New Teachers of Advanced Mathematics in the Northern District of Israel
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology