Eddie and Jules Trump Family Foundation

The Eddie and Jules Trump Family Foundation was created in 2011 to assist the Israeli education system expand the circle of excellence in the fields of mathematics and the sciences. The foundation invests in human capital because in the 21st century, strong abilities in mathematics and the sciences are “golden keys” that can help an individual thrive, and at the same time advance our society in promoting technological innovation, economic growth, scientific breakthroughs and the reduction of gaps.


We are profoundly driven by a desire to ensure that every child in every classroom benefits from teaching at a level of excellence. We encounter many students in Israel who are ready for the challenge and we believe that it is their right and our obligation to help them unleash their talents. We see our mission as addressing a national call, aimed at enabling Israel to catch up to the world’s leaders in educational achievement and better position itself towards the second quarter of the 21st century.