Trump Master Teacher Award Recipients

Trump Master Teacher Award Recipients for 2017

In 2017, the Trump Master Teacher Award was presented to Yossi Levanon, biology teacher at the Dror Educational Campus. Yossi has been a biology teacher for 30 years, leading the development of pedagogy and technology, and is the entrepreneur behind the successful “Biological Good Morning” project”
Honorable mentions were awarded to Michal Sigron, a physics teacher at the Kadima-Mada Kfar Silver School and to Na’ama Tal, a mathematics teacher at the Derech Avot High School in Efrat

The 2017 Award Committee:

Kobi Shvarzbord, Chair, physics teacher at the Leo Baeck High School, Haifa, and recipient of the 2013 Trump Master Teacher Award
Alex Vainberg, a physics teacher at the Naomi Shemer High School, Gan Yavneh, and recipient of the 2016 Trump Master Teacher Award
Guy Ashkenazi, chemistry teacher at the Jerusalem Arts and Sciences High School, and recipient of the 2015 Trump Master Teacher Award
Dr. Tali Devora, mathematics teacher at the Katzneslon High School, Kfar Saba, and recipient of an honorable mention in the 2015 Trump Master Teacher Award
Yaniv Sofen, mathematics teacher at Beni Akiva Yeshiva High School Or Etzion, Mercaz Shapira, and head of municipal mathematics program in Beer-Sheva
Dr. Smadar Levy, physics teacher at Hadarim High School, Hod Ha’Sharon, and recipient of the 2014 Trump Master Teacher Award

The Committee Decision to award the 2017 Trump Master Teacher Award to Yossi Levanon:

“When you enter Yossi Levanon's classroom you do not see tables, chairs in rows, or a teacher standing next to the blackboard and dictating to the class. You see teaching at the heart of the matter. Through their experience, and discussion with one another, students gain deep insight and understanding of various topics, whether in the curriculum, or via enrichment programs at the forefront of science today. Yossi’s personal and empathetic attitude towards his students enables him to adapt the pace of learning to the needs of every student.
Yossi delivers his lessons in a unique, groundbreaking, innovative and inspiring way. A teacher who watches Yossi's lesson will see how the class changes during the encounter – from independent scholars, to group learners, to a class in discussion. Yossi leads them to conclude what they have learned, while reaching insights and conclusions in biology. This lesson is not limited to Yossi's field of instruction but can be adapted to any field of teaching - science, mathematics and other subjects.
Yossi's influence extends well beyond the boundaries of his classroom and his school, reaching hundreds of science teachers and thousands of students throughout the country, whether through leading the school's teaching staff, his involvement in the field of biology teaching, or through his membership in the Ministry of Education’s biology committee. Yossi is the founder of a national project "Biological Good Morning" – whereby, thanks to him, students and teachers across the country receive a current topic in scientific research every morning for reading and discussion.
"I set out every year on an adventure with my students,” said Yossi, “knowing where we are starting but not where we will end." Members of the award committee would be happy to be on such a journey with our students.”
Yossi adapts his teaching methods to be relevant to his students, helps his students develop 21st century skills, and promotes the field of biology education in Israel, while influencing thousands of students. For this, Yossi is awarded the Trump Master Teacher Award 2017.”



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