Trump Master Teacher Award

Trump Master Teacher Award Recipients for 2016

The winner of the 2016 Trump Master Teacher Award is Alex Vainberg, a physics teacher at the Naomi Shemer High School in Gan Yavneh. Alex, who has served as a physics and mathematics teacher for the past 36 years, is also the leader of a teacher community under the auspices of the Weizmann Institute of Science and a mentor for new teachers. An honorable mention was awarded to Dr. Hili Marom, a mathematics teacher at the Nofei Golan High School in Katzrin, and to Gennady Akselrod, a physics teacher at the Emek Harod Multidisciplinary High School and at the Virtual High School.

The 2016 Award Committee:

Guy Ashkenazi, chemistry teacher at the Jerusalem Arts and Sciences High School, and the 2015 Trump Master Teacher Award winner
Tali Devora, mathematics teacher at the Katzneslon High School in Kfar Saba, and recipient of an honorable mention in the 2015 Trump Master Teacher Award
Yaron Lehavi, teacher trainer and developer of physics materials, Weizmann Institute and David Yellin College
Tali Nachlielli, director of the Master’s program in teaching and learning and director of the Delta Program, Levinsky College
Shlomit Amihai, former director-general of the Education Ministry, and chair of Teach First Israel
Gali Shimoni, director of mathematics at the Institute for Excellence Educators Institute, the Israeli Center for Excellence in Teaching
Michal Walter, physics teacher at the Amit Atidim Educational Campus in Or Akiva, and recipient of an honorable mention in the 2015 Trump Master Teacher Award

The Committee Decision to Award the 2016 Trump Master Teacher Award to Alex Vainberg:

With impressive expertise, Alex works magic in the worlds of mathematics and physics, casting his spell upon his students. Alex believes in his students, setting ambitious goals with them, opening before them the doors to the world of advanced science. With uncompromising professionalism, he challenges his students’ abilities and encourages them to make an effort, to persevere, and to succeed.
His mentorship program allows every student to receive unlimited assistance and all students to take shared responsibility and succeed together. People say that Alex “raises physicists” from an early age. In truth, many students flock to his class, which has over time only grown bigger. Some of his students have already begun achieving international success in the Physics Olympics.
Alex leads a regional teacher community where teachers work together to try to understand where students run into difficulties and how they think. Using sophisticated pedagogical tools, he helps his fellow teachers improve and perfect their teaching methods, thereby contributing to enhanced teacher professionalism and helping a new generation of excellent teachers to learn and advance.
For his belief in each and every student and his commitment to them all, his unparalleled professionalism, and his leadership of the teacher community, we hereby present the 2016 Trump Master Teacher Award to Alex Vainberg.

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