Trump Master Teacher Award

Trump Master Teacher Award Recipients for 2015

In 2015, Dr. Guy Ashkenazi, a chemistry teacher at the Jerusalem Arts and Sciences High School, was awarded the 2015 Trump Master Teacher Award. In addition to his classroom teaching, Guy is active in a professional community called “The Teacher-Researcher Program,” where he mentors young scientists who combine their academic research with high school teaching and develops learning materials.

Honorable mention was awarded to Dr. Tali Devora, a math teacher at the Katzneslon High School in Kfar Saba, and Michal Walter, a physics teacher at the Amit Atidim Educational Campus in Or Akiva.

The 2015 Award Committee:

Karen Tal, Chair, former principal of the Bialik-Rogosin School in Tel Aviv
Yaron Lehavi, teacher trainer and developer of physics materials, Weizmann Institute and David Yellin College
Smadar Levi, physics teacher at Hadarim High School in Hod Hasharon and 2014 Trump Master Teacher Award winner
Tali Nahalieli, director of masters’ program in teaching and learning and director of the Delta Program, Levinsky College
Abir Abad, chemistry teacher and honorable mention in the 2012 Trump Master Teacher Award
Ofer Rimon, director of the Science and Technology Administration, Education Ministry
Kobi Schwartzbord, physics teacher at the Leo Baeck School and 2013 Trump Master Teacher Award winner
Dalit Stauber, former Director General of the Education Ministry
Gali Shimoni, director of math at the Excellence in Teaching Institute, the Israeli Center for Excellence in Teaching

The Committee Decision to Award the 2015 Trump Master Teacher Award to Dr. Guy Ashkenazi

“Guy’s teaching is an art. He plans his lessons with remarkable precision. In his classroom, students are challenged with complex tasks that help them think independently and critically. They are given individual and group assignments that help Guy diagnose every student’s way of thinking and allow him to adapt his teaching to a student’s needs. Step by step, Guy’s students walk in the footsteps of groundbreaking researchers; they recreate experiments and discoveries that changed the world. He arouses his students’ curiosity, teaches them not to take anything for granted, and helps them understand the subject in depth. For his combination of scientific research with classroom teaching, for his uncompromising pedagogical professionalism, for providing a personal attitude that is tolerant and accepting, and for nurturing knowledge and commitment among his students and teaching colleagues, we hereby present the Trump Master Teacher Award to Dr. Guy Ashkenazi.”

Statistics about the 2015 Trump Master Teacher Award candidates:



Teaching experience

4-10 Years
11-15 Years
16-20 Years
21-25 Years
26-30 Years
31 Years or more


Math Physics
Computer Science