Trump Master Teacher Award

Trump Master Teacher Award Recipients for 2014

In 2014, Smadar Levi, a physics teacher at Hadarim High School in Hod Hasharon and instructor of physic teacher community leaders at the Weizmann Institute of Science, was awarded the Trump Master Teacher Award.

Honorable mention was awarded to Nelly Keler, a math teacher at the Segula Ulpana for Girls in Kiryat Motzkin, and Dr. Amnon Yosef, a physics and philosophy teacher at the Lehman High School in Dimona.

The 2014 Award Committee:

Karen Tal, Chair, former principal of the Bialik-Rogosin School in Tel Aviv
Dalit Stauber, former Director General of the Education Ministry
Avraham Harkavi, researcher of math instruction, Weizmann Institute of Science
Yaron Lehavi, teacher trainer and developer of physics materials, Weizmann Institute and David Yellin College
Yoni Amir, teacher trainer and developer of math materials, Weizmann Institute and Bar-Ilan University
Abir Abed, chemistry teacher and honorable mention in the 2012 Trump Master Teacher Award
Ofer Rimon, director of the Science and Technology Administration, Education Ministry
Kobi Schwartzbord, physics teacher at the Leo Baeck School and 2013 Trump Master Teacher Award winner

The Committee Decision to Award the 2014 Trump Master Teacher Award to Smadar Levi:

“In Smadar Levi’s classroom, the students think, do, and experience physics. They sit in their chairs, wander up to the board, stand on their desks, and skateboard around the courtyard – all to see if Newton was right.
“Smadar Levi thus arouses her students’ curiosity and excitement, motivates them to think deeply, make an effort, and persevere, and imbues them with a thirst for the truth and the importance of casting doubt.
“Likewise, she also succeeds in assessing the abilities, difficulties, thought-patterns, and progress of each and every student, and can apply the most suitable teaching method to each one of them. For her integration of teaching methods that encourage many students to work hard and succeed, for leading physics teachers in Israel to assume shared responsibility for improving the quality of their teaching, for her combination of scientific and educational research with classroom teaching, and for her uncompromising professionalism, educational excellence, and good-humored manner, we hereby present the Trump Master Teacher Award to Ms. Semadar Levi.”

Statistics about the 2014 Trump Master Teacher Award candidates:



Teaching experience

4-10 Years
11-15 Years
16-20 Years
21-25 Years
26-30 Years
31 Years or more


Math Physics
Computer Science