Trump Master Teacher Award

Trump Master Teacher Award Recipients for 2012

In 2012, Nikolai Schwarz, a physics teacher and the coordinator of the science and engineering track at the ORT Comprehensive High School in Arad, was awarded the Trump Master Teacher Award.

The prize was awarded by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar. Honorable mention was awarded to Dr. Abir Abed, a chemistry teacher at the Galilee High School in Nazareth, and Eyal Sinai, a physics teacher at the Rabin Municipal High School 2 in Modi’in. The teachers received a great deal of attention via the prize’s Facebook page, which was filled with hundreds of moving responses and enthusiastic recommendations for the teachers from past and current students.

The 2012 Award Committee:

Karen Tal, Chair, former principal of the Bialik-Rogosin School in Tel Aviv
Michal Beller, Director General of the National Testing and Assessment Authority
Avraham Harkavi, researcher of math instruction, Weizmann Institute of Science
Yaron Lehavi, teacher trainer and developer of physics materials, Weizmann Institute and David Yellin College
Ron Leshem, author and screenwriter
Yoni Amir, teacher trainer and developer of math materials, Weizmann Institute and Bar-Ilan University
Asher Kravitz, physics teacher and author
Ofer Rimon, director of the Science and Technology Administration, Education Ministry
Dalit Stauber, Director General of the Education Ministry

The Committee Decision to Award the 2012 Trump Master Teacher Award to Nikolai Schwartz:

“In Nikolai Schwartz’s classroom, the students and their learning are central. They receive individual and group assignments; they experiment together, debate one another, learn from their mistakes, and attain insights, all while dealing with complex, challenging scientific issues. Nikolai Schwartz prepares his students for breakthrough achievements.

For them, he arranges learning encounters and cooperative educational ventures with engineers working in different industries and with Air Force pilots. And as if that weren’t enough, in recent years Nikolai Schwartz has also served as the head of the Israeli student delegation that achieved impressive results in the International Space Olympics.

For integrating personal attention based on the belief that every student can succeed, for adapting teaching methods to his students’ needs and abilities, for creating a class atmosphere that encourages participation and debate, and for interdisciplinary and multicultural educational initiatives, we hereby present the Trump Master Teacher Award to Mr. Nikolai Schwarz.”

Statistics about the 2012 Trump Master Teacher Award candidates:



Teaching experience

4-10 Years
11-15 Years
16-20 Years
21-25 Years
26-30 Years
31 Years or more


Math Physics
Computer Science