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Many students say that quality teaching made all the difference for them and note that their attraction to a particular subject can be largely attributed to an outstanding teacher. Indeed, there are excellent mathematics and science teachers in Israeli schools. However, a substantial number of teachers are now approaching retirement age, and consequently, there is a severe shortage reflected in the closing of study tracks and assignment of unsuitable teachers from the school teaching staff. This is an enormous challenge, but also a great opportunity.

There is a need to help the education system develop its next generation of mathematics and science teachers. This is an opportunity to make sure that these new teachers are excellent and that they receive the best training and coaching, so that they can adapt their teaching to the needs of all students, no matter their background, gender or socio-economic level.

The building of this teaching generation is a ten-year process whose scope is a function of the prospective growth in the number of students.

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Development and Implementation of a Physics "Growth Mindset" Course for 350 5-Unit Physics Teachers
The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
Municipal Program in Tirat Carmel to Increase the Percentage of Five-Unit Mathematics Graduation to 15% (36 students) by 2021
| Shfaram Community Center
Local Program in the Bedouin Town of Hura to Double the Rate of 5-Unit Mathematics Graduates from 7% to 14% (60 students) by 2021
Hura Community Cernter
Program in Two Schools in Ofakim to Increase the Percentage of Five-Unit Mathematics Graduation in the City from 7% to 20% (35 students) by 2021
Davidson Insititute of Science Education
Study on the untapped potential for excellence in 5-unit mathematics in the Arab school system
The Szold Institute
Study to Clarify the Untapped Potential for Excellence in 5-unit Mathematics and Physics among Female Students
The Szold Institute
Instructional Coaching for Thirty New Haredi Teachers of Five-Unit Mathematics in High School
Israel Center for Excellence Through Education
Study on the Potential for Excellence in Mathematics and Physics in the Haredi School System
Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research
Development and Pilot Testing in Four Cities of Gender-Sensitive Pedagogy Training for Five-Unit Mathematics Teachers in Order to Reduce Dropdown Rate of Female Students to 20%
Alliance – Kol Israel Haverim
Professional Development Program for 15 Five-unit mathematics and Physics Teachers from the Bedouin Community in the Negev
Tamar Center
Pedagogic Solutions to Increase Participation of Female Students in High School Physics and Mathematics Studies - Seed Fund
Campaign to Increase Student Participation in Mathematics and Science Majors in National Religious High Schools
Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avoda
School-Based Support for Female Students to Succeed in Mathematics and the Sciences
Alliance – Kol Israel Haverim