What We Do

Catalyzing a Social Movement

Talented people choose to teach when they feel support and trust from the public and its leaders, and feel that they are perceived as top-rate professionals, serving as pioneers and public emissaries of an important social mission. Students  choose to study five units when they sense they are part of an “elite group”  and are motivated to invest, work hard and persist when the incentive is clear: their knowledge, skills and expertise will open doors for them in the future.
The education system is also affected by social perception and the public mood and sensitive to the call from the public to take measures to resolve this social and national problem.

Therefore, there is a need to generate awareness and identification, and drive public momentum for investing in the teaching and learning of five units in mathematics and science.

There is a need to emphasize the downturn in five-unit learning and the need to take action. We must call on talented people to become teachers, and to introduce quality teaching to the public.  We  need to address parents and students  and in order to support a growing pipeline of five unit students and encourage them to choose and persist in five-unit tracks.