Grants Committee

Grants Committee

A Grants Committee was asked to act as a sounding board for some of the foundation’s more complex and substantial grant recommendations. The Grants Committee convenes several times a year to meet with leaders of applicant organizations and discuss their proposals.Members of the Grants Committee:

Eddy Shalev – Chairperson of the Trump Foundations’ board of directors. One of the founding leaders of Israel’s venture capital industry and the high-tech sector. He is philanthropically involved with Beit Issie Shapiro, where he is Chair of the Endowment Subcommittee.

Nava Ben-Zvi – Former president of the Hadassah College in Jerusalem; and Chairperson of the Ministry of Education’s Committee on Science and Technology curriculum. Formerly, Professor Ben-Zvi served as the Chairperson of a public committee (2000) on the teaching of Mathematics in elementary schools.

Itzik Danziger – Board member at Israel Venture Network, the Israel Institute for School Leadership, and Hakol Hinuch. Formerly, Mr. Danziger served as President of Comverse Technologies, a leading multinational high-tech company.

Eli Shalev – physics teacher in Jerusalem and a finalist of the 2014 Trump Master Teacher Award. Shalev is the pedagogic director of the Schwartz-Reisman regional science-learning center in Rehovot.